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Summer Clothes Swap

  • woodend creative YO112PW (map)

This is the first ever Woodend clothes swap, and we're so excited! It will be an evening of fun, friendship, live music, and of course, clothes.

Here are the ground rules:

1. Get yourself a ticket! Available on eventbrite (link on page, or

2. Bring in the clothes/ accessories you'd like to swap to Yay Coffee BEFORE 24th June. Think summery, but basics are welcomed (say that pair of trousers you've never worn). We'll then exchange those clothes for coupons.

For example:
Basic top/ pair of shorts: 1 coupon
Pair of trousers/ skirt: 2 coupons
Dressy top/ basic dress: 2 coupons
Dresses: 3 coupons
Special items (say full length dresses/ designer items/ coats/ jackets/ special shoes) : 4 coupons

Please bring clothes in clearly labelled with your name so we can distribute coupons accordingly. We’ll give these to you on the night when you hand in your ticket!

We'll exercise discretion when distributing coupons to try and ensure the process is as fair as possible. We also ask that you only bring items you'd be proud to see someone else wearing.

We also want to remind you that the swapping stage is final- you may be able to buy your clothes back, but we can’t guarantee it!

Any clothes that don’t get swapped will go to a good home.

3. On the evening:

Doors open from 6pm for browsing. Pick up your bubbles, and take a look at what's on offer- grab a drink & chill with friends.

From 6:45 swapping begins! There'll be mirrors and a photo booth so you can double check that you do indeed look AWESOME in that new dress. ;)

Bring your coupons along and swap them for your new outfit, and hey presto, you're the owner of some fresh new clothes!

There'll be hair & makeup too for a small additional charge (£5)

Bar will be open all evening, and light nibbles will be provided

Live music from Lottie Holmes, Maisie., and Esther throughout the evening

ALL PROFITS from ticket sales will go to Hope For Justice, who exist to bring an end to modern slavery by preventing exploitation, rescuing victims, restoring lives and reforming society. There'll be the chance to donate more on the night should you wish to. Further info about the charity can be found on this website: